Interests & Values: 

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.   -George Bernard Shaw

Of value to me is the pursuit of knowledge, and approaching life with kindness, authenticity, integrity, an open-mind, and optimism. One of my passions is studying nutrition, with the ultimate goal of making educated decisions for my own life that will lead to optimal health and vitality. I love to learn and grow, and I consider my life to be ongoing journey for self-improvement. There are many fabulous things I enjoy studying – such as psychology, philosophy, leadership – to name a few. Additionally, I strive to implement the practices of ‘GTD’ taught by David Allen. I’ve read each of his books and have even been fortunate enough to attend one of his seminars, as I’m convinced mastery of time management, leading to increased productivity and efficiency, are keys to success. I am also a technology enthusiast – especially smitten with Apple products, including my beloved iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I am an avid reader, always wishing for more time to do so. I tend to spend more time reading non-fiction, but I love to get lost in a good fiction novel! Additional interests, or (in some cases) those I plan to pursue more thoroughly in the coming years, are running, hiking, yoga, snowboarding, tennis, knitting, sewing, healthy cooking, and traveling!

I maintain my blog in order to document some of the things I learn (for myself and to share with others who might happen across my posts). In some ways, a blog can also serve as a form of social accountability – since I proclaim my healthy lifestyle values for all to view – it further encourages me to avoid cognitive dissonance through actions that don’t support these important goals. It also provides a space for me to chronicle some of my experiences, memories, and adventures in life.

Health Manifesto:

MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going.

  • Eat Clean! Eat whole, real foods, and eliminate processed and refined junk.
  • Get moving everyday! Strive for physical activity every day, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk most days. It’s so important for healthy digestion, a healthy brain, and of course, a healthy and fit body!
  • Vegetables in abundance, especially leafy greens! I recommend drinking your veggies!
  • Daily fiber! I recommend Chia Seeds as a great source of fiber!
  • Minimize sugar consumption! The sugar (and simple carbs) in your daily diet should primarily come from eating berries.
  • 90:10 Rule. Focus on improving your diet by adding in the “good stuff”! Eventually it will crowd out the “bad stuff”. Strive for 90% of your food choices to be whole, real foods.
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